General Terms & Conditions

1 – Object The terms and conditions below, describe the rights and obligations of the company GTI-Net and its customers as part of the sales of software or software licenses that enable certain features of the softwares. Any service performed by the company GTI-Net implies unconditional acceptance of the buyer to these general terms and conditions.

2 – Product presentation The characteristics of the products offered for sale are presented in the "Products" section of our website. The images are not a part of the purchase contract. GTI-Net can not be held responsible for errors in the images. All texts and images presented on the GTI-Net website are reserved, for the entire world, under copyright and intellectual property; their reproduction, even partial, is strictly prohibited.

3 – Duration of the sales offer The products are offered for sale as long as stocks last or until they become obsolete. When the order of a product becomes unavailable, the customer will be informed, as soon as possible, by e-mail. 

4 – Price of the products The "Products" section on our website indicates the prices in euros all taxes included, excluding shipping costs. The VAT amount is specified when the customer selects a product, and the shipping cost, if applicable, appears on the screen as soon as the customer has finished his product selection. The company GTI-Net reserves the right to change prices at any time, but the products ordered are charged the prices at the time of the order. The proposed rates include discounts and rebates that the company GTI-Net would have to provide given its results or support by the purchaser of certain benefits. No discount will be granted for early payment. 

5 – Order The customer validates his order when the button "Order" appears at the bottom of the "Payment" page, and after accepting these terms and conditions. Before this validation, the customer is offered a final check of the order in detail; he can correct his errors if needed. The company confirms the order by e-mail; This information includes all elements of the order and the customer''''s right of withdrawal. The data recorded by the company GTI-Net make up the proof of the nature, content and date of the order. This is archived by the company GTI-Net within the legal conditions and deadlines; the client can access these files by contacting the Customer Relations department. 

6 – Payment Payments are done by credit card or bank transfer exclusively. The order must be paid upon registration, entirely or partially with a minimum deposit of € 500. In case of partial payment, the software will be full buyer''''s property only after full payment. During the period between the partial payment and full payment, the customer can enjoy the product for a € 3 management fee per week. Partial payment is granted only if the customer participates in the development of GTI-Net marketing system. The downloading of the paid software can only be done when the order has been fully paid. The purchase of license is effective as soon as the order is settled but electronic access to this license is only possible after installation of the corresponding software. 

7 – Withdrawal period The buyer has a period of fourteen days, from date of order, to exercise his right of withdrawal without any reasons or paying penalties, except, where applicable, the cost of return . If the period of fourteen days to expires on a Saturday, Sunday or a a holiday, it is extended to the next business day. In case of exercising the right of withdrawal, the company will reimburse the buyer all payments except for bank charges, as soon as possible and no later than thirty days after the date of this right was exercised. 

8 – Late payment (clause applicable to professionals) In case of default of payment or partial payment of goods delivered on the day of receipt, the buyer must pay to GTI-Net a late penalty equal to one and half times the legal rate of interest. This legal rate of interest is the one in force on the day of delivery of the goods. This penalty is calculated on the amount of the outstanding sum, and runs from the due date of the price without any prior notice being required. Any delay in payment causes right, in addition to late fees, an obligation for the debtor to pay a lump sum of 40 € for recovery costs. Additional compensation can be claimed on evidence when the recovery costs exceed the amount of the lump sum. 

9 – Delivery The software for sale is downloadable upon payment of the order. The licenses for software are hosted on the website of the company GTI-Net and are downloaded automatically by the software. The company GTI-Net will record the license in the system after payment and within 15 working days. 

10 – Software license Purchasing a license for a software allows customers to use the functionality of corresponding software. The software cannot acquire the license through an internet connection without PROXY. Before purchasing the license, the customer must verify the software''''s ability to download the license through its internet connection. He must first install the software and then use the "Test Connection" menu to ensure that the license is downloadable. The license is linked to the customer''''s nickname, the software to which it corresponds and the machine he used to request the unlock key (hard disk and CPU). The license is single. It can not be transferred to another machine. Once downloaded, the license is stored in the client’s machine. If possible, it will be synchronised, each time it is used, through the client’s internet connection. Unless otherwise stated, the license is perpetual. It may nevertheless be canceled from our database if it is clear that its use is fraudulent (illegal copying, software piracy, ...). 

11 – Intellectual property GTI-Net retains the intellectual property of the software and all the privileges attached thereto. It grants the Customer the right to use personal non-exclusive, non-transferable Software only for the equipment and website designated by the purchase and for his own personal needs. Any transfer of the software on a device or in other places is subject to prior written consent of GTI-Net. According to the law, copying the software is strictly prohibited. Accordingly, the Customer agrees not to reproduce, fix, adapt the software or make it available to third parties, to market, to rent it.. The Customer agrees not to perform or have performed the correction of any anomaly of the software without the prior written consent of GTI-Net or lose its legal and contractual guarantee and compensation designated below. The Customer may not use or install the software in a network or multi-if not explicitly provided for in the purchase agreement with GTI-Net Net or lose its legal and contractual guarantee and compensation designated below . Customer may not decompile, translate the object code of the software in source code itself or have it done by a third party. The Customer authorises the GTI-Net to come and check, with reasonable notice on its premises if the use of the software complies with the provisions of this contract. Any fraud or attempted fraud in this article will result in a fixed and agreed compensation from the customer to GTI-Net of € 10,000,000 (ten million Euros). 

12 – Responsibility GTI-Net GTI-Net is not responsible for losses that could be caused by the automatic trading software. The software includes a number of settings, for which the customer is responsible. Profitability also varies depending on the client’s choice of the Broker and on the quality of the internet connection. Profitability tables are an indication, the results of the past can in no way predict future results. 

13 - Customer relations – After sales service For any information, question or complaint, the customer can fill out the contact form on our website by clicking on the menu "Support - Contact." He can also send an email to the following recipient: [email protected]