Expert Advisors EA

Our EA’s permit Forex brokers to substantially increase their turnover and profit.
GTI-Net gets risk-free and recurring commissions from these increases.
These EA’s consist of very complex algorithms, that are constantly getting input from the market, so they can adjust to any market condition.
The software is installed on the broker's server and you personally benefit from its performance.

Cryptocoin Mining RIGs

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have to be mined, which involves server space and mining algorithms.
These servers are operated in specifically designed datacenters, so-called Mining Farms.
GTI-Net has its own servers installed in mining farms, and offers its members to install their own RIGs.
Thanks to its unique position, GTI-Net can work together with the market leaders. The RIGs that you buy, will always be equipped with state-of-the-art technology. The algorithms used will allow mining the cryptocurrencies that are most profitable at that time. So with GTI-Net you will always have the highest profitability in your part of the Mining Farm.
As a member, you buy the RIGs, and profit from 100% of their revenue.